Castle With Grounds

  • This whimsical 3D printed castle is a perfect addition to any fantasy fan's home décor or a great toy for imaginative kids.
  • The castle is a bright white color and sits on a green base. It has a black roof and a small white tree beside it.
  • At a small size, this castle would be perfect on a desk or shelf or it could be incorporated into a fairy garden.




3D-Printed Funnel

  • This versatile 3D printed funnel is a must-have for any toolbox or garage.
  • The funnel is made of durable plastic and has a swirl pattern that goes all the way around the outside. The swirl pattern creates a vortex effect which can potentially help to direct and focus the flow of liquid, preventing spills and messes.
  • This funnel would be perfect for transferring fluids such as oil, coolant, or antifreeze into car engines or other machinery. It can also be used for transferring dry goods like sand or pebbles.

Dragon Toothbrush Holder

  • Unleash your inner dragon enthusiast with this fun and functional 3D printed toothbrush and toothpaste holder!
  • This unique design features a fierce red dragon guarding your precious dental supplies. The dragons are perched on a sturdy base that has two slots that can comfortably hold a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • This one-of-a-kind holder is a great way to add a touch of fantasy to your bathroom and is sure to spark conversation.
  • For an extra special touch, you can also customize the base with names or a message to create a truly personalized gift.



Hair Dryer Holder

Keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free with this stylish and functional 3D-printed hair dryer holder. This space-saving design mounts securely to the wall, freeing up valuable counter space in your bathroom.
Made from high-quality, heat-resistant filament,  this holder is durable and built to last. The universal design accommodates most standard hair dryers. 
Available in a variety of colors to complement your bathroom décor